An experiment…

About once a day I think to myself, “Wow, this would make a great blog post!” I think this about DIY projects my husband and I take on, about dinners I successfully or unsuccessfully make, about adventures we go on, etc. About 1/2 of them would in reality make a good post, the other 1/2 are just me thinking I’m awesome…but would probably bore the average reader to death.

So I’ve come up with an experiment: To write about  1/2 of those thoughts/cooking successes and flops/adventures/DIY awesomeness and failures and so much more. I hope that you’ll enjoy this journey as I learn to blog. I’ll be posting things under a few different categories, things as a new wife I find myself doing: learning to cook, DIY-ing, figuring out how to live on a budget and everything in between. I’m excited about the possibility of this blog! I hope that I can remain consistent with it, as you’ll soon learn- I’m the best procrastinator and the worst at being consistent. Here’s to the start of something new!

With high hopes,

Mrs. Edwards

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