Spring has arrived at Casa de Edwards!

Josh is learning that he shouldn’t send me to Home Depot without him. Otherwise, things like this happen:

I end up with a cart full of flowers.

My shopping day on Saturday consisted of Target and what was supposed to be a quick stop at Home Depot to pick up o-n-e thing. It ended up that Target was a miserable experience (I would never have thought I would say that about shopping for clothes!) and I exited Home Depot with a cart full of flowers and pots. Go figure. I must be my father’s daughter!

After some therapeutic digging in the dirt, I ended up with my front door looking like this:

And my back deck looking like this:

Ahh, it was a beautiful day under the redwoods! I really don’t know what a couple pots of freshly planted flowers and a good dose of sunshine can’t cure.

Now here’s to hoping that I can keep those flowers alive! :)

The happy gardener,
Mrs. Edwards

p.s…here’s a photo from a super fun and fantastic wedding we went to yesterday. Our friends Kelly & Tyler tied the knot and had a blast doing so! We’re so excited for them to join us in this married adventure! I l-o-v-e this photo, probably because it has my super cute boo in it. Yep, that’s it.

2 thoughts on “Spring has arrived at Casa de Edwards!

  1. Tristan Reply

    aw, flowers!

  2. writingthislife Reply

    The flowers look so welcoming! Nice work! :) Now if only we could have some of the famous Edwards bbq on your lovely back deck- that would be the life!

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