3, 2, 1, Blastoff!! (Spaceship Bathroom Remodel)

First off, Josh and I are more than thankful to have a roof over our heads. We are SO thankful to have housing through the Camp that we work at, and we don’t ever want to take it for granted or seem ungrateful for what we have. We are BLESSED!

That being said, please take one moment to look at the bathroom that is currently in our home. We like to call it our Spaceship Bathroom. See below for justification of this name:

Are you feeling the gravitational pull yet? How about space sickness? The combination of grey tile, high gloss blue walls, a silver painted vanity and trim, gold AND silver hardware and poor placement of everything some things in this cozy 4’x7′ bathroom makes me a little bit woozy. Josh can’t see about 2/3rds of his head because the mirror is too low and to top it off, there are a mere 10 inches of legroom between the toilet and the oddly placed vanity. Oy vey!

Since I moved into the house a year ago we’ve been wanting to do some remodeling in this particular area. We figured it wouldn’t really be worth it to slap a coat of paint on it because we’d most likely end up redoing it some day soon anyways. Well the day has finally come to give this baby an overhaul, glory hallelujah!

About a month ago, we paid a visit to our favorite store (Home Depot) and noticed that a ton of their bathroom items were on sale. We found the perfect cherry wood vanity and sink for $150 and a dual flush low flow toilet for $100.  Unfortunately, we hesitated a day or two too long and ended up having to buy the floor model of the vanity we had our eye on. But, no big deal. A little elbow grease and it’ll look good as new! We really couldn’t pass up the floor model- they marked it down another $30 because it was already assembled and had a few scuffs. Way to go us! Along with a light fixture and faucet we made it out of Home Depot for around $300. We expect to spend about that much more on a mirror, tile and materials to close off a mystery door-to-nowhere that’s next to the toilet. We also plan to install an exhaust fan in there. The bathroom is right off of our bedroom and without a fan or anything…can you say awkward?!

I’m still on the hunt for another form of storage for our towels and other bathroomy stuff (towels are currently rolled in a basket on the floor, definitely not ideal). Its been a challenge to find something that fits in the space and looks good at the same time. We’re looking for something no more than 24″ wide and 12″ deep. I’ve looked at freestanding options from Target and Ikea, but haven’t found anything I’ve fallen in love with yet. The search will go on! To finish off the space, I have a sandy brown paint color in mind with a nice crisp white ceiling and trim. Ahh, I can hardly wait!

My handy-man Dad will be coming to visit in a few week while my Momma and I are on a girls weekend (for Tristan’s graduation, yay!). Josh and my Dad plan to get a good chunk of the work done then; I’m SO thankful for a Dad and a husband who are willing and able to work on projects, together no less! :)

I am really looking forward to working on this project as well, hopefully Dad and hubby will save some work so that I can get my hands dirty, too :)

Keep an eye out for updates to this project in the coming weeks, we have no where to go but up, up, and away in the remodel of this bathroom!! I’ll stop with the spaceship references soon, I promise :)

Over and out,
Mrs. Edwards

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  1. Cassie Reply

    That truly is the strangest bathroom…I’m glad you finally get to refinish it!

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