Progress…(Spaceship Bathroom Remodel, pt. 3)

Ready for another Spaceship Bathroom update?!

Our bathroom remodel is 95% done. But the finished product won’t be unveiled until we reach the 100% mark. Way to keep you hanging, right?!

We finally recovered after the whole ant debacle that took the better part of 3 days to get through. Because both of us have full time jobs here at Mount Hermon we only get to work on the remodel on nights and weekends, so that slows the process a bit. Thankfully, those stinkin’ ants no longer reside in our home! Praise the Lord for the invention of Raid and a high tolerance to creepy-crawlies.

Here is a photo journey of our progress so far (3, 2, 1….photo overload!)

After pulling out the vanity, we found that the previous wall color was pink. PINK!

Josh and my Dad had all sorts of fun relocating and fixing things that hadn’t been done right the first time, like:
#1: A disconnected vent pipe. Our toilet had been venting into our walls for who knows how long. Awesome!! (its fixed now)

#2: A too large and off center hole for the sewer drain:

#3: A door to nowhere:

My Dad and Josh did so much to get this project started! I am incredibly thankful for their hard work and expertise. Those guys are awesome! They put in a full weekend and were able to get all the old tile pulled, the doorway blocked off, the toilet vent fixed, new tile down and the crowning victory and most important…the toilet installed.

Lets continue the photo journey…

New tile!!

Dad installing “The Throne,” as Josh would call it. Oh boys:

The most time consuming parts were the littlest things. Like having to move an electrical box over less than 6 inches:

Or, having to move the plumbing for the vanity over a few inches from its original spot (I love Josh’s reminder to himself, TURN OFF WATER…hah):

Josh found a great solution to this plumbing issue. He used a product called Pex. The piping is flexible and locks into the fittings instead of threading. It turned out to be a great alternative to re-routing the old galvanized piping a few inches over to accommodate our new vanity. Sometimes it helps to ask for help at Home Depot. Thanks plumbing guy!

Even the door of our bathroom was painted that appalling silver! I made sure to wear a mask when I was sanding though, safety first!

Even after just one coat of paint, the door looked 5billion times better:

Finally getting to paint the walls! Everyday leading up to this I would ask Josh, “Can we paint yet?” I was definitely that kid that asked “Are we there yet?” every 5 minutes on a roadtrip. He is a man with lots of patience!

Josh got to use one of his Christmas presents from my parents, an air-compressor and nail gun. Such a helpful tool in this project!

In the pictures above, you get a sneak peek of the wall color and even the light fixture. You’ll have to wait a little while longer to see the rest of the awesomeness. But believe me, it’s FANTASTIC! Every morning when I wake up and head to the bathroom I get a little giddy. Its ridiculous how happy such a small remodel can make a girl!  I can hardly wait to share it with you! :)

Thanks again for putting up with so many pictures. Its hard to tell a remodel story without so many! Keep your eyes out for another installment of  Spaceship Bathroom Remodel coming soon!

In love with a handy man,
Mrs. Edwards

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    So enjoyed your newest enstallent, can’t wait to hear the rest of the story…….

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