2012: The Year of More and Less

Today, while browsing through Facebook, I noticed that one of my friends tagged 2012 as “the Year of More.” I’ve been mulling this over all day realizing how motivating and encouraging the Year of More really could be. Since I’m already pretty busy, I figured that adding “more” into my life without taking something away might set me over the edge. So, I’ve decided to make 2012 the Year of More and Less. More of one thing, less of another. I tend to have great ambition but fall short of following through in lots of areas, so I’m hoping that this thought carries deep into my every day life. Without further ado, here is my More and Less list of 2012:

  • More timeliness. Less snooze button.
  • More exercise. Less laziness.
  • More healthy eating. Less junk food.
  • More cooking at home. Less convenience.
  • More saving. Less spending.
  • More reading books. Less watching TV.
  • More quality time. Less distractions.
  • More crafting. Less pinning without doing (it’s an addiction, see here)

Finally, my goal is to blog at least once per week throughout the year of 2012. If all goes as planned, you will be seeing at least 52 posts this year. I realize that each post may not be mind blowing or revolutionary, but it will be something. And something is more. I hope you stick around to keep me accountable throughout this year!

Here’s to a year of more…and less,
Mrs. Edwards

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