Fully Functional

What’s better than a great piece of art? A functional piece of art.


These long necklaces have been living in a drawer of my vanity getting twisted and tangled for the past few years. A typical day in my life: I’m running out the door late for work/church/life and I realize that the one last thing my outfit needs is a necklace. The worst thing is opening that drawer and having to untangle a knot that only a Boy Scout (or unorganized drawer) could produce. Time for a solution!

I found this awesome old frame at an antique store in Santa Cruz and picked up the cup-hooks at our local Ace Hardware. This was probably one of the easiest art projects I have ever done! I evenly spaced the hooks on the inside of the frame and was able to screw them in by hand (this frame came without glass). I considered spray painting the gold hooks an oil rubbed bronze color, but decided against it because, (a) I wanted to get the thing on my wall ASAP (aka impatience), (b) you don’t really see much of the hook because it is nestled up inside of the frame & (c) the gold actually goes well with the weathered look of the frame. Lets just be honest, my decision was mostly based on reason (a) above. Oh well.

The necklace frame currently lives behind our bedroom door, right next to our bathroom. I just love the way it looks!

Budget Breakdown:

Oh! In the above pictures you’ll notice that our bedroom walls are a lovely grey color with crisp white trim and ceiling. If you’ve ever been to our house, you’ll remember that those walls used to be a pea/moss/baby poo color and the trim/ceiling an odd off-white. In other words, gross. We spent a weekend painting back in October (during my blogging hiatus) and boy, oh boy…the tables have turned! Our bedroom is now one of my favorite rooms in our home! We’ve done some other projects in this room too (curtains, new pillows, frame wall, etc.) that will be shared in a not-too-far-in-the-future post :)

Hope this project inspires you to create something that is not only lovely to look at, but fully functional too!

Feeling Useful,
Mrs. Edwards

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